New Hair Style

New Hair Style

Pompadour haircut female 2023 is known as a popular short hair style for men. This section is usually associated with its military style and offers a very smooth and short appearance. Here are some features of the prompdaur haircut:

Short and smooth cutting: Prompdaur haircut is usually a style in which all hair is kept in a short length by cutting properly. The hair is usually cut properly using a shaver or comb.

Shorter than the sides, longer at the top: In this section, the side and back of the hair is kept shorter, while the upper part is left slightly longer. In this way, more length and volume are obtained for stylization and shaping at the top of the hair.

Smoothly scanned view: In the prompdaur section, the hair is usually scanned properly and scanned upwards and a vertical appearance is obtained. The hair is shaped by using products such as hair gel or wax and the desired style is created.

A style that requires practical and low maintenance: Prompdaur haircut is known as a style that requires low care. Thanks to its short length, the shaping and styling time can be shorter. It may also require regular shaving and scanning to maintain a smooth appearance.

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