The Biden administration asks Congress for $13.7 billion in additional aid for Ukraine, underscoring its resolve.

The Biden administration on Friday asked Congress for $13.7 billion in additional aid for Ukraine, underlining its commitment to support the war-battered country in a costly conflict that shows little sign of abating.

As part of the Ukraine funding request, $7.2 billion would be used to give new weapons and military equipment to the country, replenish U.S. stockpiles and provide other defense-related support, administration officials said. An additional $4.5 billion would support the Ukrainian government, and $2 billion would be used to offset effects on energy supplies from Russia’s invasion.

The Biden administration is likely to have a receptive audience for its Ukraine request. In May, Congress approved $40 billion to help Ukraine fight against the Russian invasion. With some exceptions, aid for Ukraine has received enthusiastic bipartisan support.

The May package, paired with an initial emergency infusion of aid to Kyiv that was approved in March, amounted to the largest package of foreign aid passed by Congress in at least two decades.

In August, the Pentagon also announced it was sending a new influx of arms and equipment to Ukraine for its counteroffensive against Russian troops in the country’s south.

The United States has also been sending a steady stream of rockets for the HIMARS launchers that have been credited with destroying Russian command posts and ammunition depots, and other artillery designed to disrupt supply lines.

Nevertheless, Ukraine remains outgunned by Russia and while Ukrainian forces have made small gains in the south, in the face of fierce resistance, officials predict a brutal winter ahead in a war that has devolved into one of attrition.

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